Ulrich Wickert: Of the joy of being a citizen of the world.


Length: 43 min
Format: DigiBeta
Language: German, French
Directed by: Dagmar Wittmers
TV co-producer: SR/ARTE
Year: 2008

In Germany, even after his departure from television, he has remained “Mister Tagesthemen” (Mr. Daily-news). Before working as television presenter each evening for 15 years, on Germany’s most important news programme: Tagesthemen on Channel One, he spent many years as Paris correspondent for ARD. France became part of Wickert’s identity.

At the age of 12 he arrived in Paris with his parents, as the son of a diplomat. Interviews with President Mitterand and the French political situation were Wickert’s domain. Dagmar Wittmers and her camera team accompanied Ulrich Wickert in Germany and at his home of choice, in southern France.

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