Lorenzo de‘ Medici: Author


Length: 43 min.
Format: DigiBeta
Language: German, French
Directed by: Mari Cantu and Moritz Enders
TV co-producer: NDR, ARTE
Year: 2008

He is the last in a long line of famous and infamous ancestors, decendant of a family of world renown: Lorenzo de’ Medici – cosmopolitan, mildly left wing and somewhat repulsed by his family – the Medici dynasty – but writes popular books about them. Living with his famous name is by no means easy, in Florence the name becomes a curse, so he avoids the city and takes on a nomadic lifestyle. He has lived in seven countries, deftly avoided boring jobs, and left his fate “in the hands of happenstance“.

He once designed wallpaper patterns in New York, designed cashmere pullovers in Milan, sold paper in Africa and dealt in stocks and shares in Geneva.
He has no roots and doesn’t miss them; until he arrived in Barcelona over ten years ago, in order to work on his manuscripts: in a disciplined, ambitious and passionate way.

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