Lost in Transition. The photographer Peter Bialobrzeski


Length: 52 min
Format: HD 16:9
Language: German, French
Directed by: Jörg Daniel Hissen
DoP: Michael Hammon – South Africa, Justyna Feicht – China, Kay Andersson – Germany
TV co-producer: NDR / ARTE
Year: 2010
Film subsidy: Film Foundation Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

The artist and photographer Peter Bialobrzeski approach is an attempt to hold up the speed of change, by creating a gigantic still life of it. Fixating the mutable. The effect of his images is unnerving. They appear monumental, massive. They are “frozen images” of our life, our environment.

All advanced civilisations were urban cultures; metropolises are an ancient phenomenon. The polarisation of society is most pronounced in all megacities of the world. How can one live in a city in which the skyline changes almost daily, in which no street, no corner ever stays the same long enough to become familiar?

How can one exist in a space with no defined edges, no boundaries or borders like Soweto/Johannesburg, theoretically unending and stretching out into space? What happens when cities with history and industry, like Hamburg, fundamentally change their appearance and function? Where does the future of urban life lie, how does man live within it, what is its space? Where is there room for individuality?
These are the existential questions for which the artist and photographer Peter Bialobrzeski is seeking answers.

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