The Germany Trap


Length: 83 min
Format: HD 16:9
Language: German, French
Directed by: Paula Zimerman and Daniel Targownik
Co-producer: EED, RAIZ Producao Brazil
TV co-producer: SWR/ARD
Year: 2008

Nilda and Carla are two of many young Brazilians who have a dream. It is the dream of the fairy-tale prince, who marries them and whisks them away to a better world, a world without violence and poverty – to Germany. For many of them the dream soon turns into a nightmare. The young women arrive, unprepared, in a strange country, a country whose language and customs are foreign to them. Just as foreign as the man, whom they have married after a brief courtship. Marriage problems, violence, separation, worry about residency status – the Brazilians are confronted with many problems.

The documentary film “The Germany Trap” accompanies the Brazilian marriage migrants to Germany and in their homeland. It is a portrait of young women and their attempts - even after the breakdown of their relationships - to survive in a foreign country. With energy and perseverance they struggle to ensure that the “Germany Trap” does not remain their personal nightmare. They want a future for themselves and their children in Germany.

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