World´s Best Designbars


Length: 4 Episodes (26min)
Format: HD, 16:9
Language: German, French, English
Directed by: Michael Trabitzsch
DoP: Justyna Feicht et al.
TV co-producer: ZDF/ARTE
Year: 2010/ 2011

I.Mächtige Vorbilder
II. Wucht des Panoramas
III. Dominanz einer Idee
IV. Intimität in leeren Hallen

Bars are synonymous with urbanity. The bar is a distillation of metropolitan culture; bars are “urban boxes” and it’s not just recently that they have become a major challenge for famous architects and designers all over the world, in all great cities of the globe.
The four-part series, which is currently the most comprehensive one on the topic, presents a typology of bar design, showcasing the best-designed bars in the world.

In every episode we deal with around seven locations, and designers like Matteo Thun, David Chipperfield, concrete, Superpotato and Graft Architects reveal their ideas in interviews and, using sketches, demonstrate how they did it.

Filmed on location in 15 cities: Bangkok, Istanbul, Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Tokyo, Mumbai, New York, Madrid, Milan and Hamburg.

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