The country villas of Tuscany


Length: 5 x 52min episodes
Format: HD 16:9
Directed by: Barbara Fally-Puskás and Michael Trabitzsch
Producer: PROUNEN FILM / dokumoto
Year: 2011/2012

A journey of discovery through the country villas of Tuscany. The Tuscan country villa is always to be found in a landscape defined by human activity. Its location is well thought through, from climatic considerations to its panoramic views and transport connections to nearby cities. To this day it is a place of longing but also of projections. Many of the families living in these villas are still those whose family trees and historical heritage reach back for hundreds of years.

Who else could guide us through this series with more competence, erudition and panache than the writer Lorenzo de´ Medici, descendent of Lorenzo il Magnifico, who himself built many villas.

In a few decades the country seat, the VILLA, grew to symbolise a PLACE OF NOSTALGIA: an Arcadian idyll in the country, a refuge for contemplation and relaxation. The garden was a recreation of the legendary island of Kythera and a replica of a nostalgic paradise.

The families were patrons of the arts, had their villas adorned with elaborate frescos and transformed into palaces by the most renowned architects.

The five-part series aims to portray an inner view of Tuscany. It explores country villas, which represent over 200 years of history in which Tuscany played such an important role.

The villas belong, or used to belong, to families who played similar roles to those of the Medici and are, to a large extent, still owned by the very same families who have lived here since the 13th and 14th centuries. In addition, the villas represent a quasi geographic delineation of the entire Tuscan region, permitting us to portray the rich variety of the landscape.

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