The Gaudí Code

Barcelona, toward the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. Spain's economic metropolis, close to the Basque country, a European metropolis in a constant state of tension with the seat of the royal house and Church in Madrid. The stronghold of European Anarchism, a place of Modernism, a place where political and social decisions are felled: between revolt and modernity on the one hand and tradition and religious fundamentalism on the other. In Barcelona everything is politicised. For this story and its mystery this is of great relevance.
Gaudí embodies --- if that were possible --- both sides at the same time. He is claimed as a hero by both sides; is that what defines his reeling between genius and madness?
He, the most famous architect of his country, dies a beggar: why? Is he the victim of intrigues, of power struggles? Did he get too close to the apparatus of power behind the Catholic anti-revolution? Did he know too much? Or was he simply "too much genius", his "Cathedral of Modernity" already a form of blasphemy in itself? A stroke of genius resulting from the capabilities of the intellect and thus implicitly taking a position that is irreconcilable with the all-powerful thinking of the church? Did they, in the end, not really want this genially conceived cathedral? Did they fear the effect of a perfect edifice, which aspired to surpass the cathedrals of the Middle Ages? Is this why the CODE (the matrix) of the building is so difficult to decipher because Gaudí wanted to attest to the greatness of man? Did the church, finally, want to hinder the completion of the structure and prolong (to this day) its completion? Was Gaudí a victim of a political plot in Barcelona?
Gaudí could be the first architect and former Separatist who was blessed by the Pope. Why? In order to finally reclaim his work and his genial CODEX for the Church alone? For all eternity?

Everything about this building is mysterious and to this day has not been fully decrypted and understood. In the midst of the innovations of industrialisation and the decadence of the Fin de Siècle, Gaudí wants to create "a world wonder for the poor" the perfection of the Middle Ages cathedral in the 20th century, a house of God, of light and sound and natural forms, 170 metres high. For a long time one was unsure if these were the plans of a fantasist or a genius, and so Gaudí was admired and treated with contempt at the same time. When the final diploma is somewhat begrudgingly handed over to the rather mediocre student, the director of the faculty is said to have said to him: "We are either handing over the Diploma of Architecture to a madman or a genius." Today, almost a century after Gaudí's death, the experts are unanimous that his plan was a success, even though he never had the chance to complete it, and his successors are confronted with a mystery. How could it come to this? What intrigues and plans lie hidden in the concept for the SAGRADA FAMILIA? The building is a world monument, the city's landmark, still shrouded in mystery. This documentary takes up the scent of the GAUDÍ CODE like a detective story.

Gaudí designed the perfect cathedral according to a code that, to this day, no one has succeeded in deciphering. Mathematicians, architects and engineers have tried to unravel the secrets of the GAUDÍ CODE and reveal the mystery of the man, who oscillated between genius and madness, wealth and poverty, decadence, freemasonry and devout faith.

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