Angel Chronicles


Length: 1x 52 (ARTE), 5 x 28 (RAI Bozen)
Format: HD
Directed by: Michael Trabitzsch
DoP: Stefano Pancaldi, Luca Faes
Producer: Michael Trabitzsch
TV co-producer: WDR, ARTE
Year: 2013

ANGELS are messengers between heaven and earth, between God and humanity. WHY? Do people need angels or God or both, and have they always been good, or were they sometimes bad? These questions form the common thread running through the series, and the simplicity and clarity of these questions brings this thread to the fore. Since ANGELS evoke respect and affection in most of us, the question as to how their form and function has changed through the ages is an interesting one.

The series follows the most significant and beautiful depictions of angels. This “angel treasure hunt” takes us to different sacred sites, monasteries, churches, palaces and museums in a journey from Ancient Rome through the cities of the ancient world and early Christianity, to the blossoming of the Middle Ages and the streams of pilgrims and monasteries in Burgundy in France, to the Renaissance in Italy, and finally, to the most visually stunning age of angels: the Baroque period - between Italy, South Tyrol and Austria.

The visual splendour we aim to show is based on substantial academic expertise. The experts included have all written about the themes discussed, and accompany these themes throughout the series. The combination of commentary and a spectacular range of images converge to reveal the very stuff of which our culture of angels is made of.

We dramatise this journey of discovery in the form of a search to reveal the mystery of the angels, without trivialising the themes at hand. The significance of angels in our spiritual world order is - or used to be - so great that we want to unearth the hidden codes or messages behind these depictions. These were often commonplace in bygone centuries, but still need to be decoded and unravelled in our time.

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