Cities of the Future


Length: 4 x 26 min
Format: HD, 16:9
Language: German
Directed by: Michael Trabitzsch, Claire Floquet, Jörg Daniel Hissen
DoP: Justyna Feicht, Kai Andersson, Ralf Noack
Producer: Michael Trabitzsch
TV co-producer: ZDF/ARTE
Year: 2014/2015
Film subsidy: Nordmedia

How will we live in the 21st century?
Urbanisation and mega-cities are comparable to major natural phenomena. All serious architects and town planners with major projects attempt to influence these developments, but they have long ago given up the claim of being able to determine their direction. It’s all about contributing, and rising to the crucial challenges of the here and now.

Together with ARTE we have developed a future-orientated transmedia project, in which the most competent experts speak. Architects, town planners and sociologists are all part of the concept. Each represents one major issue and an attempt to solve it with an associated concrete project.

Thus, a globally relevant forum of architects and town planners is created, the core of which is composed of an exclusive selection of renowned architects together with their specific projects.

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