Chinas Ballooning Cities


Length: 50 min.
Format: 16:9, HD
Language: German
Directed by: Claire Floquet, Jörg-Daniel Hissen
DoP: Ralf Noack, Kai Andersson
Producer: Michael Trabitzsch
TV co-producer: ZDF/3SAT
Year: 2015

The Future of Cities will be decided upon in Asia. Nowhere else is the pressure on cities that extreme, nowhere else is the process of urbanization progressing so rapidly. Urban socialogists and futurologists assume that the amount of urban inhabitants will rise to meet european standards, or maybe even more.
In western Europe, the percentage of people living in cities is at 70 %.

If applied to Asia, this means a migration of more then one billion people if today's figures are used.

The largest dynamics of this shift can be witnessed in China for more than two decades.

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