The Proteom - Code


Length: 52 min
Language: German, English
Directed by: Olaf Müller
Producer: Michael Trabitzsch
Year: 2017

The decoding of the protein code is currently at 92%: decoding could be completed at any moment. With the key to the composition of proteins we would be able to access the information that previously had been hoped for in the decoding of the human genome: a complete and comprehensive view into the building blocks of the human. It is expected that this will be key to the fight against cancer and Alzheimer's.

The decoding of the human genome in 2003 was a scientific milestone. It revealed the architecture of life, the human blueprint. What remained unclear, was how these genes actually built "the human structure". And above all: with what materials?

The key is protein. Protein is the raw material of the body, stimulating the metabolism and even defining our health. The secret of the proteins is in their diversity. Scientists all over the world have been working for years on providing a comprehensive overview of all the building materials needed for humans: the decoding of all human proteins – the proteome. More than 92% of the human proteome is now known: the breakthrough is imminent.

We will accompany it. With the aid of this knowledge scientists will be able to combat diseased cells (that means cells with abnormal protein production) in a targeted way. There will no longer be a guessing game on the issue of which chemotherapy cocktail would be effective in cancer therapy and which would not. With knowledge of the proteome there is a real chance of overcoming disease.
The documentary accompanies the scientists on the final steps, describes the setbacks and secrets of this challenge, solving one of the most exciting puzzles of human cell biology.

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