Enigmas In Stone


Length: 2x 52 Min.
Format: 16:9, UHD/4K
Directed by: Barbara Fally-Puskas, Ronald P. Vaughan
DoP: Ronald Vaughan
Producer: Michael Trabitzsch
Co-producer: Epo-Film Vienna, Vaughan Video KG Vienna
Year: 2017

During the 10,000 years of Neolithic Age our ancestors produced about 100,000 structures around the world, and we still know very little about their meaning and design.
The “primitive” culture of the Stone Age did not only stretch across the Mediterranean area, but all over the world at the very same time. Finds in the Far East, in Japan, India, Korea, Mongolia, today’s USA and many other places prove that we are dealing with a culture here, which was far from being primitive.
Every year, new facts are discovered, all leading to one conclusion: The history of mankind is much older than was assumed up to now. And human development was much more advanced than we believe today.

Do we need to rewrite our history books?
The finds dating back to the Stone Age pose baffling questions:

– How could people transport hundreds of tons of stone across great distances to build such structures?
– Who were these people and what similarities did they have to us?
– Why did they build these structures?
– How could they measure the distances so precisely?
– And most importantly: How could this phenomenon occur globally?

We embark on a journey of exploration with the most up-to-date scientific methods and on the basis of current knowledge in order to gain unprecedented insights.

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