Age of Innocence

The photographs of the naked Jim Morrison of The Doors and of Joe Dallesandro (Warhol’s “Factory”) have survived decades and are iconic images of pop culture to this day. Why is that, and how did it come about? It is no longer important whether Morrison’s pose mimics that of Christ on the cross or Leonardo da Vinci. What is important is the facial expression: the open renunciation of control, power. The look is not about ownership, the pose is not aggressive. The expression is “innocent”, feminine. It is a total occupation of the feminine, and takes place overtly in both these images:

Jim Morrison’s und Joe Dallesandro’s. Joe Dallesandro may well be forgotten; the “picture” of Jim Morrison survives and is timelessly attractive, across generations. Why? What happened? What did women do, when men occupied their erotic role? Which images did they “occupy”? What was their “territory”? And what of that is still relevant today? This documentary follows the story of these icons of pop culture in a reconstruction which makes clear how, at exactly this point in time and with these images, they transformed youth culture in the US and in Europe.

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