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Samstag, 25.1.2014 auf 3Sat - MAX BECKMANN

22.08.2013 - THE LOOK - Charlotte Rampling on ARTE

Our critically acclaimed production "THE LOOK" will be aired by public television once again.
the movie will be broadcast by the german cultural network ARTE.

ARTE can be received via Zattoo and tv-kino.de.

21.08.2013 - The Country Villas of Tuscany

This five-part series is an exceptional journey of discovery following the return of a lost son to the country of his forefathers. Lorenzo de Medici is a writer and a descendant of the Medici family. Although he has travelled the world and lived in New York, Tokyo and London, he has never lived in Italy. On this journey, he sees the land of his forefathers with the eyes of a foreigner, while undertaking a very personal journey through the landscape that is inextricably bound to his family name.

The german ARTE-channel is also available on Zattoo and http://www.tv-kino.net/.


After the initial airing of our TV-movie "Max Beckmann - Der Maler", PROUNEN Film is now proud to present the first Max Beckmann movie on the big screen: "DEPARTURE".

DEPARTURE is the latest joint in a long line of high-quality documentaries about artists, all carried out by director Michael Trabitzsch, and follows the tradition of "THE LOOK" (Charlotte Rampling) and "Draw till you drop" (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner).

The movie will premiere in Hannover on 05-06-2013. The premiere will be attended by Mr. Trabitzsch and Mayen Beckmann, granddaughter to the deceased painter.

22.11.2012 - Charlotte Rampling - THE LOOK airs on german public television

We're glad to inform you that our award-nominated movie "Charlotte Rampling - THE LOOK" will be aired on the german broadcaster 3sat on

Sunday, November 25th, 2012 at 10 pm.

For region other than Germany, 3at can be received via satellite and online via:


THE WORLD´s BEST DESIGN BARS currently on arte

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