In Search Of The Spiritual Heart of China


Length: 5 x 26 min.
Format: 16:9 HD
Producer: Michael Trabitzsch

Sky pillar, "Tian Zhu" in Chinese, is a common term for peaks. They are the pillars of heaven, the link between heaven and earth, divine and profane, the most striking expression the earth can produce. Mountains have always been metaphysically charged - not only in China. There is Mount Athos in Greece, Mount Fuji, the holy mountain of Japan, or Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments - but nowhere in the world is there THE SOUL MOUNTAINS.

THE SOUL MOUNTAINS have helped physically and spiritually to delimit and define an empire that had no fixed boundaries, no state in the Western sense, no nation.
The SOUL MOUNTAINS are also not individual peaks like the Mont Blanc; they stand for mountain ranges, have a main peak and then a whole ´composition´ of mountains and valleys, such as Yellow Mountain or Mountain of the Greatest Harmony.
They are also more than landscape, they are like a ´figure´, a visible form that expresses and embodies what the MIDDLE KINGDOM is composed of and how it is held together. They have an immediate spiritual meaning.

Written by Ines Eben v. Racknitz and Olaf S. Müller
(c) PROUNE FILM 2019

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