Length: 37/43 min
Format: 16:9, HD
Language: German, English
Directed by: Michael Trabitzsch
DoP: Justyna Feicht, Thorsten Pengel
Year: 2019

THE FUTURE OF THE CITY; we live in the era of urbanization, the influx into the large urban centers continues to grow constantly, in Europe as well as in Asia. In Europe, too, this influx is so strong that existing cities can no longer only be expanded and/or "stacked up"; new plans have to be devised, cities are created within the city, densely populated and sustainable.

New York is (once again) the laboratory for the western hemisphere. And in the meantime also for the new world cities of Asia, not only in China, but also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, anywhere that companies and people find their space in the city.
How does the city reinvent itself? How will we work, live and establish our living in the 21st century?

New York has become the lab, the laboratory for the city in the 21st century. A city in which living, working and leisure intersect, in which the ordinary and high culture rub shoulders, in which the formal and the casual interflow, in which it is not about work versus leisure, but about what works in a new environment. Where, as baseline and thesis, the city of the 21st century could be a highly concentrated cultural entity that magnets the global business players with a highly diverse, highly qualified workforce to the place. They expect rapid mobility and sustainability in all areas, including consumption, art and culture. And they take up citizenship and responsibility, they want to be part of an efficient economy and technology that "makes the world a better place".

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