NEW YORK - The City and the Art


Length: 52 min.
Format: 16:9, HD
Language: German, English
Directed by: Michael Trabitzsch
DoP: Justyna Feicht, Thorsten Pengel

Is there a world´s capital city of modernity? Probably not. But if you set out on a search, you would have to start with New York, well ahead of London and many other metropolises.

To stay ahead of competition with other mega cities, New York grows and grows. The more it grows, the more headquarters and money pour into the moneyed state. For some years now, Manhattan has been practically spiraling upwards, new super high-rises are constantly being built, Manhattan's skyline has changed drastically, and the other side of Brooklyn is also growing vertically. The future neighborhoods where those who can't afford Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn want to live are Williamsburg and the Bronx.

New York is perhaps the most diverse city in the world: people of all races, cultures, religions work together here, which in turn attract people from diverse backgrounds to join the vibe. Undoubtedly, New York is Number 1 Global City.

This functions well as a seedbed for a vital art scene. The city is in constant change and buyers and art lovers keep flocking in, sustaining an open and cheerful vibe.

Artists today need dialogue that addresses and interactes with art forms much more strongly than in the 2000s. Basquiat and Warhol are rediscovered as role models, the "Factory" as a laboratory in which painting, performing arts (dance, theatre and film) and music cross paths in installations and events. The city wants to return to a vibrant, vital art scene. For this it needs new places. Places that grows out of the "temples" of the narrow-sense modernity that privileges the well-to-do, but places such as "factories". Or: labs = laboratories.

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