Length: 5 x 26/30 min.
Format: 16:9, HD
Language: German, English
Directed by: Michael Trabitzsch
Year: 2019

The idea of the series is simple: “STORES = BOUTIQUES“ in different world cities designed by internationally renowned designers.

The store can be a flagship, that hosts a global label. Alternatively the stores – mega or small, owes its fame to its world famous designer or architect.

It could also be the case where the designer transforms a store into an experience, into a space, that stamp in the shoppers´ mind to ascribe it to the store/ brand. It is when the store imparts itself into the contemporary urban culture…

It is a ´journey´ around the world through a line-up of stores in major cities. In each of these cities, 5 design stores serve to hold up the mirror to city life. All these stores are internationally known and showcased as landmarks of the cities.

We feature interviews with the designers, let them describe their idea and concept. Illustrated in elaborate images are the output = the design; or better still, a store, that has become a spatial experience.

The series can start with 6-10 episodes of 26/30minutes. 5 stores per episode = 5 designers = 5 sensational visualization of the respective city.

Hong Kong –-- New York –-- Tokyo --- London --- Shanghai --- Paris --- Singapore --- Milan --- Seoul --- Geneva --- Copenhagen --- Madrid

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