Length: 52/90 min.
Format: 16:9, HD
Language: German, English
Directed by: Sebastian Winkels
Year: 2019

We follow different missions to project the spectrum of crisis intervention. And so they tell at the same time about the most serious conflicts and utmost deprivation in recent history. Within it are refugee camps and the situations of the refugees in different parts of the world, as are the violence = the war/civil war and the violence that they have triggered and that lingers. It includes malnutrition and epidemics. And natural disasters that are in the rise around the world.
The 5 protagonists and their missions therefore do not only stand for extraordinary humanitarian commitment, they face head-on the wounds of conflicts and catastrophes that indirectly affect everyone, the entire world.

In epidemics such as malaria, children are the first ones to die, but these are the (economic) hope of poor countries and underdeveloped regions. Hopes for progress are taken away togehter with each childĀ“s life. If violence and expulsion kill the hope of people, they have no choice but to flee and set off for a precarious life, to large refugee camps or to Europe, where it is safest. This is a simple causal logic and therefore between the lines of these stories expose the potentials for conflicts of our time.

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